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COVID-19 and time to plan

COVID-19 lockdown has given me more time with my family particularly with my 2 year old girl which is great. It has also given me time to plan and get a lot of things done internally with my business. Things I was too busy traveling, shooting and editing to get done before. The need to be a one person content producing machine is much greater now. The goal will be to take a project and take care of everything on location with the smallest footprint as I can. I write, draw and paint (watercolours or markers) with all projects I plan. I just need to put my ideas on paper not in an app and I’ve tried lots of apps. However I’m also big on AI and the cloud which I have been really stepping up my game in this year. I’m excited to get back out creating again. And also now all my house plants are doing much better with me home all the time.

Some of my work for Egg Farmers of Canada.

I have been creating images for Egg Farmers of Canada for a few years now. The images used for lots of different things, it’s great when I see them out and round.

More work for BMO

Some clients are really great at using your images along with great design, BMO is one of those clients. I’m always excited to see how they display the images, here is one of my images used in a report they published.

More of my work at work

Some of my work is included in the new McCain Foods web site, all the farming photos are images I created during harvest season a few years back. The heart shaped potato I saw and photographed it 100% as I found it, totally a lucky find.

Cover of WestJet Magazine in 2019

I really enjoy editorial portrait work when I get the chance to do some. However much of my time is normally spent working on advertising and corporate projects. This assignment was amazing, I had a great publication who always displays photography very well and the subject was amazing to work with.

New Work

Some of the images I created last summer for various tourism agencies are now starting to make their way into the world. These were shot all in one day, real people, enjoying real moments and letting me capture images while they are doing it. This beach is also 10 mins from where I grew up. We had horses so I never got into surfing (too busy) but I love walking the beach and being near the ocean.

Atlantic Pole Fitness

Recently I had the chance to create some images at the Atlantic Pole Fitness Championships here in Halifax. It is somewhat of a new event but very entertaining to watch and all the contestants did an amazing job. They were very nice to let me back stage to take photos. I am also trying out a new image storytelling site called Exposure which displays your photos and text in mini-web site / blog style. You can check out the end result here at this link.

Instagram weekly roundup

This week I was on an assignment in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Here are a few shots I grabbed with my iPhone along the way. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking here

Lifestyle photography

Over the past two years I have seen a big increase in the amount of lifestyle images I have been hired to do. My storytelling approach makes this a great fit for me. To me it’s always about capturing a story whether it’s one portrait or a whole day of actives for something like tourism related shoot. I enjoy capturing un-staged moments and the challenge of predicting spontaneous moments that happen. On the east coast of Canada we get 4 very distinct seasons, from piles of snow to hot summer days and you get use to working in all types of conditions. I have a few lifestyle shoots on over the summer months and I’m looking forward to create something new. Above are a few images I have captured over the past year or so. If you are thinking about having some lifestyle images created but are not sure where to start, drop me a line.

Halifax International Airport Authority Annual Report

A couple months ago I created some images for the Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA). Originally a two day shoot we managed to get all the images done in one day. I was happy with the outcome, all the images ended up running full page. Annual reports are great because I often get to tell a story about a company which is a key element in my personal work. Always great when I get to bring part of the style of my personal work into my client work. HIAA is always very organized and along with the agencies help I think everything came together nicely.