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Web Site Up-Date

canadian advertising photographer dean casavechia

Always a little downtime this time of year so I gave my site a much needed update.  Still weeding out and adding photos but I have added a BTS section.  I have a number of client outside of Nova Scotia and I thought it would good way to introduce myself to people.  I do a fair number of travel assignment but I also do more and more jobs that require a lot of production and planning.  I’m very big on the planning and organization, almost a little obsessed with making sure that the only I have to think about during the shoot is what is front of me.  Having a good team and all the things you need to have a smooth photo shoot is taken care of in advance.

My Instagram Account

I’m not a big iPhone photographer but very often it is all I have on me at the time. I recently adopted a 4 month old puppy and there has been lots of walking. So my Instagram account has been seeing a little more action then normal. New followers are always welcomed My Instagram account

New Harness Racing project

editorial photographer canada
rural canada images

This December I have had some time to get out and do some personal work. One of the projects I am working on involves Harness Racing in Truro, Nova Scotia. The track has been around for 138 years and it is an amazing setting for photos. Only 2 more weekends of races for this season, but they use to race year round. I plan to return maybe 3 or 4 more times before the season ends. You can see some of the images in this gallery. I’m still adding and removing photos as I go, the final images will get a link off my main web site when I’m done.

County Fairs in Nova Scotia

farmer rural nova scotia
For a few years now I have been traveling around Nova Scotia and parts of Canada documenting rural life. This summer I am trying to get around to as many county fairs as I can, this past weekend I managed to make it to two. I am working towards creating portraits once I find the right subjects, I feel that would best round out the series of images I have been actively working on since 2010.

I Hit the gym and I took my camera.

CBBF Figure Competitor Katia Callegari in studio image
Back in the fall of 2012 I had the chance to work with Katia Callegari a 17 year old fitness competitor. We did some studio images and she was amazing to work with. We created some 4×5 polaroid images which can take some time in studio but she was great. She is now hitting the gym really hard in preparation for a big competition about 5 weeks away. We have plans to do some more studio images closer to the competition but in the meantime I thought it would be great to shoot some documentary style black and white images. Both Katia and the gym were nice enough to let me come in for about an hour yesterday.

Katia Callegari in the gym feb 2013

Here is a quick iphone pick I grabbed. I look forward to processing the images from yesterday. My editing machine is in getting some upgrades done but I should have it back this weekend. Check back in a few day to see the images.

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A new lens.

A recent shot using a new lens I just picked up.

Rural Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a small place, I often wonder why I haven’t moved to a larger city. I think as a photographer I could have more exposer to more clients. What Nova Scotia lacks in the number of clients it more then makes up for in photographic content. For me, rural Nova Scotia is an endless number of photos waiting to be found. This is a recent photo I did of the inside of my grandparents barn, which has been there for generations. The saddle in the photo to the left is my old saddle from my Appaloosa Pony names Buckalo Pete. I have also been shooting more black and white images and this is a test of a new conversion process I’m trying.

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New personal project

I photographed my first subject for a personal project involving regalia of different orders and societies. My first subject is a members of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre a very interesting group that I am still learning about. I’m shooting the whole project on 4×5 film, also shot a few frames of polaroid just because I could. Here is a closer look at one of the polaroids Instagram

4×5 Film is hard to find.

I am in the process of starting a personal project I have been planning for some time now. Like many of my projects, getting the first couple subjects onboard is the hardest. People often don’t understand why you would take a photo of them if you are not trying to sell them something. Just doing it as art is never a good reason it seems. I got a major break with this project at the start of the year and things are now lining up. I’m keeping the project a bit of a secret until I get the first few people photographed. This will all be shot on 4×5 film and as things come together I find that it’s not easy to find 4×5 film for some reason. I tracked down 13 boxes and got them the other day in the mail. For the past year I have been shooting with film and polaroid that has been given to me or I get on ebay. So many people have sold their film cameras I find more people just send me film rather then see it get wasted which is really nice.

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Back Home

I have been back home from a 4 week trip across the US, which was amazing. I got a Dog Tick bite while taking photos in Florida and a week after I got back I became really sick. After some very strong medication I’m back to normal and back to work. I’m a little behind in my editing of the photos from my trip but I’m getting them done. This past weekend I took a break from my office work and editing to head to a county fair. I enjoy making images in rural settings, the more rural the better. When I’m making personal images I will often only take one camera and one prime lens so that lens changes or even zooming the lens is not an option. It challenges me to move around and find new angles to frame my images, I only think about the moment I’m viewing and not the tools I’m using.