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On assignment in Newfoundland for the New York Post.

Broadway play Come From Away

I recently traveled to Newfoundland for the New York Post to photograph the real life people that are portrayed in the new broadway play, Come From Away. With only a couple days notice I flew to Gander, Newfoundland to find locations and coordinate times to get all the portraits done in the day and a half I was there. The deadline was really tight but that is normally the case for all the editorial work that I do.

One of the subjects worked at the SPCA in Gander and she was the first portrait on my schedule. Here are a few photos that didn’t make it into the story.  They had puppies and lots of cats which they just let roam around the building, it was a great way to start the assignment. I would have come home with the fat little brown puppy but they have all been adopted out.

editorial photographer dean casavechia


editorial photographer dean casavechia

editorial photographer dean casavechia

editorial photographer dean casavechia

Been a busy summer

Travel photographer

It all started in June and exploded from there and I haven’t stopped, normally I get a few days home between projects.   I live in Nova Scotia but that’s only my base, so it was nice to see one of my images used for a story in West Jet Magazine during my travels.  I also worked on stories for The Wall Street Journal and ESPN this summer, more on those in upcoming blog posts as I try to get my blog up-to-date.

Another assignment for Sportsnet Magazine

PEI baseball player This time I was in PEI for a two day shoot for two different stories for Sportsnet Magazine. I had some amazing cloud cover for the first day when I photographed JP Stevenson a young baseball pitcher. I had lined up the use of a baseball field with lights that I thought would be great. Then when I got to town I asked to see his place which as it turns out is surrounded by corn fields. It was amazing and with a major storm rolling in we had unreal clouds for the shoot. I managed to shoot some medium format film, and some type 55 polaroid along with my digital camera. Look for my work in the August 2013 issue of Sportsnet Magazine, I get the ipad version which is already available for download.

sportsnet magazine ipad version

Canadian Tourism Commission image now in use.

dean casavechia advertising photographer with canada tourism
This past fall I had the pleasure of working with Canadian Tourism Commission, twice, once in Nova Scotia and again in New Brunswick. They sent me copy of an ad using one of the images we did from the New Brunswick shoot. We shot for a week in New Brunswick and had the most amazing weather. The day we did this image it was very calm water, even our guides couldn’t believe the weather. I hope to work with them again this year.

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New updated site now online.

dean casavechia advertising photographer on location
My new web site is now up-to-date with the latest HTML5 code, my old flash web site was giving me some issues. I also did a major update of images while I was having the site re-coded. I went back over the past year and gathered the images I liked the best. I still have a few more galleries to add, one will include some of the images taken during two jobs I shot for the Canadian Tourism Commission this past summer/fall. I found this image of me when looking back over the photographs I captured that week. I jammed all 6 foot 8 of me into this sea kayak, we got some great shots and had the best weather all summer for this shoot. I look forward to sharing some of my top picks.

Back in the sky

Canadian winters
Back on another assignment and again it was cold over rural Nova Scotia in January but worth it. I enjoy any assignment that takes me as far from a city as I can get. Grabbed this shot after we landed and I was heading back to the car.

Ramea Island, Newfoundland 2012

Ramea Island, Newfoundland

It’s been a busy fall and I am still looking over the images I made in Newfoundland this summer. This is a shot of the small island of Ramea, off the southern coast of Newfoundland. I spent two day making images here. This was the largest town I stayed in and home to about 500 people. However I never saw more then 10 people at any one time. This was once a large fishing town but there are only a couple fisherman still here.