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Another assignment for Sportsnet Magazine

PEI baseball player This time I was in PEI for a two day shoot for two different stories for Sportsnet Magazine. I had some amazing cloud cover for the first day when I photographed JP Stevenson a young baseball pitcher. I had lined up the use of a baseball field with lights that I thought would be great. Then when I got to town I asked to see his place which as it turns out is surrounded by corn fields. It was amazing and with a major storm rolling in we had unreal clouds for the shoot. I managed to shoot some medium format film, and some type 55 polaroid along with my digital camera. Look for my work in the August 2013 issue of Sportsnet Magazine, I get the ipad version which is already available for download.

sportsnet magazine ipad version

It’s been busy.

After returning from my trip to NFLD, which was amazing, things got very busy. So busy that I haven’t even begun to look at the images I made during my trip. Things are starting to get back to normal and I’ll be blogging about some personal projects as well as what I have been up to from sept to now. In the meantime here is a shot of me and my 4×5 camera in a small coastal town in NFLD. All the towns I went to have no road access, you can only get to the towns by boat.

New personal project

I photographed my first subject for a personal project involving regalia of different orders and societies. My first subject is a members of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre a very interesting group that I am still learning about. I’m shooting the whole project on 4×5 film, also shot a few frames of polaroid just because I could. Here is a closer look at one of the polaroids Instagram

4×5 Film is hard to find.

I am in the process of starting a personal project I have been planning for some time now. Like many of my projects, getting the first couple subjects onboard is the hardest. People often don’t understand why you would take a photo of them if you are not trying to sell them something. Just doing it as art is never a good reason it seems. I got a major break with this project at the start of the year and things are now lining up. I’m keeping the project a bit of a secret until I get the first few people photographed. This will all be shot on 4×5 film and as things come together I find that it’s not easy to find 4×5 film for some reason. I tracked down 13 boxes and got them the other day in the mail. For the past year I have been shooting with film and polaroid that has been given to me or I get on ebay. So many people have sold their film cameras I find more people just send me film rather then see it get wasted which is really nice.

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