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Back On-Location

With all the COVID-19 restrictions being slowly lifted, I’ve been quoting projects and scheduling shoots again. I really enjoy photographing construction projects, so this was a great first night out shooting with people around. We also had amazing skies and weather. During the shoot, it was easy to maintain a safe distance and follow the rules. When I’m creating lifestyle images like these, I don’t interact with the subjects I just let things happen naturally. When I do interact I have extra masks and even gloves and protective eyewear to ensure the safety of the subjects and myself.

COVID-19 and time to plan

COVID-19 lockdown has given me more time with my family particularly with my 2 year old girl which is great. It has also given me time to plan and get a lot of things done internally with my business. Things I was too busy traveling, shooting and editing to get done before. The need to be a one person content producing machine is much greater now. The goal will be to take a project and take care of everything on location with the smallest footprint as I can. I write, draw and paint (watercolours or markers) with all projects I plan. I just need to put my ideas on paper not in an app and I’ve tried lots of apps. However I’m also big on AI and the cloud which I have been really stepping up my game in this year. I’m excited to get back out creating again. And also now all my house plants are doing much better with me home all the time.

So guess who isn’t good at blogging….

farm photographer Dean Casavechia Nova Scotia Canada
The idea of a blog is an odd thing for a photographer because you have to write, mostly about yourself.  I know personally I rather visually tell someone else story with my camera. However photography or storytelling (because of video) is a fast changing business.  Not everyone can keep up or wants to keep up, I have seen a lot of photographer leave the market.  So you have to always be showing people that you are still out there, working with clients, solving problems and telling stories.  This year I was very busy, lots of projects that took me all over Canada mostly advertising work that will go to market next year sometime.  This is just a blog post letting people know I’m still creating work for clients and I’ll be doing my best to update the blog a few times a month.

The images above is me capturing images on a farm in New Brunswick.  I do a great deal of farming related work because I grew up in rural Nova Scotia where my family had a number of horses.  The farm environment is very natural for me to work in and I enjoy the kind of images I get to create in a rural setting.

Web Site Up-Date

canadian advertising photographer dean casavechia

Always a little downtime this time of year so I gave my site a much needed update.  Still weeding out and adding photos but I have added a BTS section.  I have a number of client outside of Nova Scotia and I thought it would good way to introduce myself to people.  I do a fair number of travel assignment but I also do more and more jobs that require a lot of production and planning.  I’m very big on the planning and organization, almost a little obsessed with making sure that the only I have to think about during the shoot is what is front of me.  Having a good team and all the things you need to have a smooth photo shoot is taken care of in advance.