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So guess who isn’t good at blogging….

farm photographer Dean Casavechia Nova Scotia Canada
The idea of a blog is an odd thing for a photographer because you have to write, mostly about yourself.  I know personally I rather visually tell someone else story with my camera. However photography or storytelling (because of video) is a fast changing business.  Not everyone can keep up or wants to keep up, I have seen a lot of photographer leave the market.  So you have to always be showing people that you are still out there, working with clients, solving problems and telling stories.  This year I was very busy, lots of projects that took me all over Canada mostly advertising work that will go to market next year sometime.  This is just a blog post letting people know I’m still creating work for clients and I’ll be doing my best to update the blog a few times a month.

The images above is me capturing images on a farm in New Brunswick.  I do a great deal of farming related work because I grew up in rural Nova Scotia where my family had a number of horses.  The farm environment is very natural for me to work in and I enjoy the kind of images I get to create in a rural setting.

Recent Work

Some images I shot this past summer for Eastlink. In addition to being used extensively online the images were also featured on Billboards across Canada.

New Harness Racing project

editorial photographer canada
rural canada images

This December I have had some time to get out and do some personal work. One of the projects I am working on involves Harness Racing in Truro, Nova Scotia. The track has been around for 138 years and it is an amazing setting for photos. Only 2 more weekends of races for this season, but they use to race year round. I plan to return maybe 3 or 4 more times before the season ends. You can see some of the images in this gallery. I’m still adding and removing photos as I go, the final images will get a link off my main web site when I’m done.

Canadian Tourism Commission image now in use.

dean casavechia advertising photographer with canada tourism
This past fall I had the pleasure of working with Canadian Tourism Commission, twice, once in Nova Scotia and again in New Brunswick. They sent me copy of an ad using one of the images we did from the New Brunswick shoot. We shot for a week in New Brunswick and had the most amazing weather. The day we did this image it was very calm water, even our guides couldn’t believe the weather. I hope to work with them again this year.

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New updated site now online.

dean casavechia advertising photographer on location
My new web site is now up-to-date with the latest HTML5 code, my old flash web site was giving me some issues. I also did a major update of images while I was having the site re-coded. I went back over the past year and gathered the images I liked the best. I still have a few more galleries to add, one will include some of the images taken during two jobs I shot for the Canadian Tourism Commission this past summer/fall. I found this image of me when looking back over the photographs I captured that week. I jammed all 6 foot 8 of me into this sea kayak, we got some great shots and had the best weather all summer for this shoot. I look forward to sharing some of my top picks.

Ramea Island, Newfoundland 2012

Ramea Island, Newfoundland

It’s been a busy fall and I am still looking over the images I made in Newfoundland this summer. This is a shot of the small island of Ramea, off the southern coast of Newfoundland. I spent two day making images here. This was the largest town I stayed in and home to about 500 people. However I never saw more then 10 people at any one time. This was once a large fishing town but there are only a couple fisherman still here.