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County Fairs in Nova Scotia

farmer rural nova scotia
For a few years now I have been traveling around Nova Scotia and parts of Canada documenting rural life. This summer I am trying to get around to as many county fairs as I can, this past weekend I managed to make it to two. I am working towards creating portraits once I find the right subjects, I feel that would best round out the series of images I have been actively working on since 2010.

Back Home

I have been back home from a 4 week trip across the US, which was amazing. I got a Dog Tick bite while taking photos in Florida and a week after I got back I became really sick. After some very strong medication I’m back to normal and back to work. I’m a little behind in my editing of the photos from my trip but I’m getting them done. This past weekend I took a break from my office work and editing to head to a county fair. I enjoy making images in rural settings, the more rural the better. When I’m making personal images I will often only take one camera and one prime lens so that lens changes or even zooming the lens is not an option. It challenges me to move around and find new angles to frame my images, I only think about the moment I’m viewing and not the tools I’m using.