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Day Two at the Lumberjack World Championships

I wrapped up day two at the Lumberjack World Championships and it was progress over the day before. I managed to convince a few of the competitors to let me photograph them. I had more time with President Clinton then I did with a few of Lumberjacks but I managed to get a few frames. I had portfolio books custom made for this trip so I could show my work to people I wanted to photograph. To save time I had them shipped to the hotel but they sent it back to the printers. Not sure why, they knew that I was having things shipped direct, anyway I have no samples. It’s been making it a little more of a difficult to get people to sit for a portrait. I’m back for the final day and it’s will be short, we’ll see what happens.

2011 Lumberjack World Championships, Hayward, WI

I’m traveling around the United States this August creating portraits of interesting people along the way. My first stop is at the Lumberjack World Championships in Hayward, WI. I’m only on my first day but so far it has been great. Everyone in the town is amazingly friendly which make this type of portrait work a little easier. Approaching strangers and asking to take their portrait is almost always an exercise in rejection. Hardest part in convincing people why you would take their photo for free. After Hayward I head south to the State Fair then off to New Jersey then New york. From there I fly to Texas where I will drive along the coast to Atlanta. To follow me and see more frequent updates you can follow me on twitter or join my Facebook Group.

Instagram + iPhone = Amazing

New site is now online, I felt that I needed a better way to display my images and my old site wasn’t doing it any more. I’m still adding a few things, mostly to the blog and connecting some of the social media site to it. That brings me to this photo which I took and edited with my iphone. I have a bunch of little tricks I do with the camera, one of the interesting apps is Instagram. It is like Facebook + Flickr and a little bit of Twitter rolled into one. Great app and if you want to follow me my username is casavechia.

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