Monthly Archives: September 2011

Another frame from the weekend.

Here is one more frame from the weekend in the valley. This location has this amazing view and this great picnic table under a really old apple tree. I hope to get back and do a portrait in this location before the fall.

Fall in Nova Scotia

I have been trying to get out and take personal photos when I can. I was away this summer for four weeks and I noticed how great it was to be away from my computer work. I have been trying to do things to cut down how long I’m in the office. Paperwork and edit take up too much time. This weekend I was at a county fair then over to a Fox Hunt (there is not hunting or fox involved in this activity). It was an amazing first time out, I had been out to a few rides last fall, some of the images are currently in my online portfolio. I plan to get out to a few rides this fall and would like to do some portraits of the riders this time around.

Back Home

I have been back home from a 4 week trip across the US, which was amazing. I got a Dog Tick bite while taking photos in Florida and a week after I got back I became really sick. After some very strong medication I’m back to normal and back to work. I’m a little behind in my editing of the photos from my trip but I’m getting them done. This past weekend I took a break from my office work and editing to head to a county fair. I enjoy making images in rural settings, the more rural the better. When I’m making personal images I will often only take one camera and one prime lens so that lens changes or even zooming the lens is not an option. It challenges me to move around and find new angles to frame my images, I only think about the moment I’m viewing and not the tools I’m using.