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Nova Scotia’s South Shore

This year I have set out to make more time for personal photography. I took a day trip down the south shore of Nova Scotia, mostly to scout out a few locations. Here are a few images from the day. Plus a couple Instagram photos taken with my iPhone here and here

4×5 Film is hard to find.

I am in the process of starting a personal project I have been planning for some time now. Like many of my projects, getting the first couple subjects onboard is the hardest. People often don’t understand why you would take a photo of them if you are not trying to sell them something. Just doing it as art is never a good reason it seems. I got a major break with this project at the start of the year and things are now lining up. I’m keeping the project a bit of a secret until I get the first few people photographed. This will all be shot on 4×5 film and as things come together I find that it’s not easy to find 4×5 film for some reason. I tracked down 13 boxes and got them the other day in the mail. For the past year I have been shooting with film and polaroid that has been given to me or I get on ebay. So many people have sold their film cameras I find more people just send me film rather then see it get wasted which is really nice.

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New campaign work

Now that campaign is out in public I can post it on my blog, I often move on to the next project and forget to blog about campaign work. I had the chance to produce some images for the Mount Saint Vincent University. One of my strengths is producing lighting that doesn’t look like lighting so green screen work is a lot of fun. This shot is one of four but in this case I shot both the background image and the subject. The other 3 images we used background images supplied by the agency. Big thanks to everyone involved, Mount Saint Vincent University and the agency One Hundred and Ten Communications.

Back in the studio

It has been a while between posts but looking back over 2011 I see that I need to produce more personal work. I have a number of projects that are beginning to take form and I’m very excited about it. One project I plan to shoot all large format so I am back in the studio with my 4×5 doing lighting tests. I have a fridge full of polaroid 4×5 film and I shot a few frames today. My model was really great, putting up with me getting back to using my 4×5 and we got some great images. Managed to shots some type 55 and process the negs all before I packed up to leave. I will post some images once I get them scanned.