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New updated site now online.

dean casavechia advertising photographer on location
My new web site is now up-to-date with the latest HTML5 code, my old flash web site was giving me some issues. I also did a major update of images while I was having the site re-coded. I went back over the past year and gathered the images I liked the best. I still have a few more galleries to add, one will include some of the images taken during two jobs I shot for the Canadian Tourism Commission this past summer/fall. I found this image of me when looking back over the photographs I captured that week. I jammed all 6 foot 8 of me into this sea kayak, we got some great shots and had the best weather all summer for this shoot. I look forward to sharing some of my top picks.

My Trip to southern Newfoundland

newfoundland, Ramea Island, Canada, explore, rural canada,
This past summer I traveled along the southern coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Over 2 weeks I traveled by coastal ferry, car, and fishing boat from town to town. All these towns are only accessible by boat so I had to travel by coast ferry. I spent two days in each town and it was an amazing trip. I realized that I didn’t really blog about the experience and I’m only now getting the images edited. This was a really hard trip to plan, for some reason people do not vacation in this area which is a shame. Some of the towns do not have places to stay over night or eat so it takes a lot of planning. Over the next couple weeks I will be posting about the trip along with details about how I put it together. The photo is a shot from the upper deck of the coastal ferry as it pulls out of Ramea Island.

Editorial work I did for NPR is now out.

editorial photographer nova scotia canada
Some editorial images off the coast of Nova Scotia

editorial photographer nova scotia canada
photos of tagging sharks off the coast of nova scotia. Shot for NPR

Back in September I worked on a story for NPR but I held back posting any of the images until the story came out. My job was to capture images of researchers tagging and releasing sharks. I had a great time bobbing around on a boat off the coast of Nova Scotia. You can see the whole story here.

editorial photographer halifax nova scotia canada

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Web site update coming

Rural Nova Scotia

I shoot a lot of personal work, lots. A very small percentage of it gets seen online, I’d just rather shoot then post images. Its been in the -20’s in this part of the world so I have been in my office doing all the things I have been putting off (paperwork). I’m in the starting stages of a big web site update. Looking back I see how busy I was in 2012, travel, client projects and personal work. It’s been fun re-living the year in photos. This photo is from a sheep breeders show in Truro, Nova Scotia, about one and half hours outside of Halifax. Most of the people who take part farm sheep as a hobby. Years ago there was a bunch of different types of breeds of cows, goats, sheep farmed for profit, but today it’s mostly one or two breeds that produce the best meat, milk or wool the fastest and that is the breed everyone farms. The odd breeds are mainly kept going by people who farm as a hobby or small business.

Back in the sky

Canadian winters
Back on another assignment and again it was cold over rural Nova Scotia in January but worth it. I enjoy any assignment that takes me as far from a city as I can get. Grabbed this shot after we landed and I was heading back to the car.