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Corporate Portraits on-location

Dean Casavechia on location business portraitsBr>
Spend the day on location capturing business portraits in a boardroom with the longest table I have ever seen.

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Observer, Story Teller, Photographer


I wonder if as a photographer mortality is more of a forefront thought? As an observer and story teller I am very aware of the beginning, middle and end of every moment both the short moments that are gone in seconds and the long moments that seem to take a lifetime. I witness the passing of time and the changes that illustrate them. I always feel aware of the time I have and the things I need to observer before time takes them from me. When we pass away we make room for new growth but we also take with us the evidence of what we took part in, or experiences and stories. Only the second hand recollection is left and in some cases nothing at all. Maybe that is what true change is? The loss of memories from the past. Or maybe it is really the loss of something that is never fully realized by others?
Photographs, not just pictures, can help to record these preserve these memories , to a point. Today we take more photos of each other than we ever have. For that matter we take more photos of ourselves and archive every moment via social media. But, these memories are of people that don’t really exist. These memories are of the people we want to be, people we want others to think we really are. I have taken a lot of portraits of people in the 15 years that I have been a photographer. When people hire me they want a photo of the version of themselves that they want the world to see. No one wants a pure representation of themselves and I’m never sure why. My goal in my personal work is to find the true moments between the guarded moments when someone reveals who they really are. This is how a persons’ memories last beyond the individual. This is how a story is told to another generation of people. Outside of the clients and the jobs that help pay my bills, this is my objective as a photographer. And sometimes if I’m lucky I get to do both at the same time.

Canadian Tourism Commission image now in use.

dean casavechia advertising photographer with canada tourism
This past fall I had the pleasure of working with Canadian Tourism Commission, twice, once in Nova Scotia and again in New Brunswick. They sent me copy of an ad using one of the images we did from the New Brunswick shoot. We shot for a week in New Brunswick and had the most amazing weather. The day we did this image it was very calm water, even our guides couldn’t believe the weather. I hope to work with them again this year.

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Now supported by Wonderful Machine.

Photographer Dean Casavechia now supported by Wonder Machine
I am very pleased to officially announce that I am now supported by Wonderful Machine. They are a resource of carefully selected photographers from all over the world. They offer their clients a range of services and support.
As you know I am based on the east coast of Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I enjoy living here and all the types of images I can create in this setting, however it isn’t a large market. More and more I have been doing business with clients from all over and it has given me the opportunity to be involved with a range of creative work. So this year I am putting a large push on to gain more exposer outside of my region. Wonderful Machine is a great step for me in gaining more exposer in the US market. They offered me an invitation after reviewing my work and I didn’t hesitate in agreeing. I look forward to working with them and their team moving forward.

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Documenting 17 year old fitness competitor Katia Callegari

fitness competitor Katia Callegari in the gym
Here are the images from my trip to the gym to photograph Katia. Hope you enjoy them, check back we will be doing some studio work in a few weeks. Click here to view gallery

I Hit the gym and I took my camera.

CBBF Figure Competitor Katia Callegari in studio image
Back in the fall of 2012 I had the chance to work with Katia Callegari a 17 year old fitness competitor. We did some studio images and she was amazing to work with. We created some 4×5 polaroid images which can take some time in studio but she was great. She is now hitting the gym really hard in preparation for a big competition about 5 weeks away. We have plans to do some more studio images closer to the competition but in the meantime I thought it would be great to shoot some documentary style black and white images. Both Katia and the gym were nice enough to let me come in for about an hour yesterday.

Katia Callegari in the gym feb 2013

Here is a quick iphone pick I grabbed. I look forward to processing the images from yesterday. My editing machine is in getting some upgrades done but I should have it back this weekend. Check back in a few day to see the images.

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