Monthly Archives: April 2013

On-location shooting interiors

iphone halifax harbour
photographer at work dean casavechia hotel interiors

Another day on-location shooting interior photos for a newly renovated hotel. Large rooms like this take a fair amount of time to setup and light, then you need to get all the exposers to build a final image. One of the biggest things is ironing the tablecloths and arranging the curtains. I like to shoot interiors tethered to a laptop to check focus and shadow/highlight detail. Often you can only have the camera and laptop in the room anything else gets into the photo, it’s tricky. Here are a few shots from the day and one out of the window in the last room I photographed.

Recent Work

hotel and resort photographer
For the past number of years I have been creating images for Marriott Hotels, who are an amazing client to work with. I don’t have a section on my site showing my architectural portfolio but it is an area of photography I enjoy. I do a fair number of architectural images, I feel like they are a type of landscape. Here is one of my images Marriott Hotels recently use in an ad.

Back in the studio

Katia Callergari in the studio
4x5 polaroid

I was back in the studio with 17y/o Fitness Competitor Katia Callegari the day after she placed first in her division. I don’t know much about fitness competitions and she is only the second fitness competitor I have ever photographed. I first photographed her back in sept/oct of 2012 and really enjoyed working with her. She agreed to come back into the studio for a second time and I like the results so far. We shot a number of 4×5 polaroids and some digital images. Still going through them all to make selections but I will update as soon as I get the final edits done.

Pocket Camera?

Sony RX100 and filter
Before Christmas I up-graded my pocket camera from the Canon S100 to the Sony RX100. For the past 4 years I have made a point of carrying a higher end pocket camera when I’m out walking around. I sell prints and licence images I capture with them. The Canon S100 is an amazing camera for the size but it was time to upgrade. The Sony RX100 is 20MP and a larger sensor that captures an amazing dynamic range. You can also get some extra attachments which are really nice. I add the extra grip and a filter and lens hood attachment, really handy.