Monthly Archives: August 2013

County Fairs in Nova Scotia

farmer rural nova scotia
For a few years now I have been traveling around Nova Scotia and parts of Canada documenting rural life. This summer I am trying to get around to as many county fairs as I can, this past weekend I managed to make it to two. I am working towards creating portraits once I find the right subjects, I feel that would best round out the series of images I have been actively working on since 2010.

Another assignment for Sportsnet Magazine

PEI baseball player This time I was in PEI for a two day shoot for two different stories for Sportsnet Magazine. I had some amazing cloud cover for the first day when I photographed JP Stevenson a young baseball pitcher. I had lined up the use of a baseball field with lights that I thought would be great. Then when I got to town I asked to see his place which as it turns out is surrounded by corn fields. It was amazing and with a major storm rolling in we had unreal clouds for the shoot. I managed to shoot some medium format film, and some type 55 polaroid along with my digital camera. Look for my work in the August 2013 issue of Sportsnet Magazine, I get the ipad version which is already available for download.

sportsnet magazine ipad version

Film I shot for Sportnet Magazine.

sportnet magazine
sportnet magazine editorial photographer
I recently shot an editorial job for Sportsnet Magazine of a Halifax football coach. It was the hottest day so far this summer, almost no clouds which makes it harder to work in. Did a number of images but this is the one they ran for the story. I often will shoot both film and digital on a job, even if the film is just for me. This job I had 2 digital cameras, which allows me to move between different lenses faster. I also shot two 120 film formats, I had a Hasselblad and a Fuji 6×9 rangefinder camera. They ran the Hasselblad images, it was great to see the film images get selected.