COVID-19 and time to plan

COVID-19 lockdown has given me more time with my family particularly with my 2 year old girl which is great. It has also given me time to plan and get a lot of things done internally with my business. Things I was too busy traveling, shooting and editing to get done before. The need to be a one person content producing machine is much greater now. The goal will be to take a project and take care of everything on location with the smallest footprint as I can. I write, draw and paint (watercolours or markers) with all projects I plan. I just need to put my ideas on paper not in an app and I’ve tried lots of apps. However I’m also big on AI and the cloud which I have been really stepping up my game in this year. I’m excited to get back out creating again. And also now all my house plants are doing much better with me home all the time.