4×5 Film is hard to find.

I am in the process of starting a personal project I have been planning for some time now. Like many of my projects, getting the first couple subjects onboard is the hardest. People often don’t understand why you would take a photo of them if you are not trying to sell them something. Just doing it as art is never a good reason it seems. I got a major break with this project at the start of the year and things are now lining up. I’m keeping the project a bit of a secret until I get the first few people photographed. This will all be shot on 4×5 film and as things come together I find that it’s not easy to find 4×5 film for some reason. I tracked down 13 boxes and got them the other day in the mail. For the past year I have been shooting with film and polaroid that has been given to me or I get on ebay. So many people have sold their film cameras I find more people just send me film rather then see it get wasted which is really nice.

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