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I’m not a big iPhone photographer but very often it is all I have on me at the time. I recently adopted a 4 month old puppy and there has been lots of walking. So my Instagram account has been seeing a little more action then normal. New followers are always welcomed My Instagram account

Recent work hits the web.

I have been working on a series of images of the city of Halifax for Destination Halifax. They recently launched their new web site which features a number of my images. It has been great working with them on this series.

Halifax International Airport Authority Annual Report

A couple months ago I created some images for the Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA). Originally a two day shoot we managed to get all the images done in one day. I was happy with the outcome, all the images ended up running full page. Annual reports are great because I often get to tell a story about a company which is a key element in my personal work. Always great when I get to bring part of the style of my personal work into my client work. HIAA is always very organized and along with the agencies help I think everything came together nicely.

New work for Animal Planet

beaver brothers

Many of the jobs I do I can’t release the work until the client does, sometimes that can be months. So long that I often forget I produced the images. Back in the fall of 2013 I did some images for Animal Planet for a show called the Beaver Brothers. The location was well of the beaten path and we took 4 wheelers into the woods from there. At times I was up to my waist in cold river water taking photos. The cast and crew were really great and I managed to get some great shots before it started to rain.

New winter lifestyle work

I have been working on a series of images for a client this winter and the past week or more we have been having some great snow. The kind of snow that stays on the trees and it’s just cold enough for it to stay on the ground. I have also been taking this chance to play around with some video, I have been using gopro cameras to get more interesting angles that I just can get easily with my dslr. Here is just a rough cut of some video I did along with these series of images on the weekend.
[vimeo 86320433 w=500 h=281]

Winter in Halifax, Nova Scotia from Dean Casavechia on Vimeo.

New Harness Racing project

editorial photographer canada
rural canada images

This December I have had some time to get out and do some personal work. One of the projects I am working on involves Harness Racing in Truro, Nova Scotia. The track has been around for 138 years and it is an amazing setting for photos. Only 2 more weekends of races for this season, but they use to race year round. I plan to return maybe 3 or 4 more times before the season ends. You can see some of the images in this gallery. I’m still adding and removing photos as I go, the final images will get a link off my main web site when I’m done.

It is fall on the east coast.

[vimeo 78414221 w=500 h=281]

Great waves today from Dean Casavechia on Vimeo.

It has been a busy end to the summer. Just wrapped a large project doing a series of landscapes for a client. As well I had the chance to work with some wild animals for another client, more updates after those images are published.
Fall is an amazing time for photos here on the east coast, storms traveling up the coast give us these amazing waves. I recently got up before down and headed down to work on a series of images that will be used as framed prints. It focuses on the colors and textures of the east coast, beaches, beach grass and waves. I have been working on this project for about two years now.

Recent editorial job – Wall Street Journal

editorial photographer dean casavechia wsj
wsj editorial photographer dean casavechia
A recent editorial assignment I did for the Wall Street Journal. It was my first assignment for WSJ and it was nice to add them to my list of editorial clients. For daily news outlets I have worked for The New Times, The Washington Post and NPR before in the past. I was able to check out the images in the iPad version of the newspaper. Here are a couple screen captures.

County Fairs in Nova Scotia

farmer rural nova scotia
For a few years now I have been traveling around Nova Scotia and parts of Canada documenting rural life. This summer I am trying to get around to as many county fairs as I can, this past weekend I managed to make it to two. I am working towards creating portraits once I find the right subjects, I feel that would best round out the series of images I have been actively working on since 2010.

Another assignment for Sportsnet Magazine

PEI baseball player This time I was in PEI for a two day shoot for two different stories for Sportsnet Magazine. I had some amazing cloud cover for the first day when I photographed JP Stevenson a young baseball pitcher. I had lined up the use of a baseball field with lights that I thought would be great. Then when I got to town I asked to see his place which as it turns out is surrounded by corn fields. It was amazing and with a major storm rolling in we had unreal clouds for the shoot. I managed to shoot some medium format film, and some type 55 polaroid along with my digital camera. Look for my work in the August 2013 issue of Sportsnet Magazine, I get the ipad version which is already available for download.

sportsnet magazine ipad version